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Breastfeeding can be tricky on its own, but having large breasts can make it even harder!

It’s oftentimes difficult to find a comfortable position to stay in for the duration of the feeding.

Because experience is always the best teacher, we asked over a dozen “well-endowed” mamas who were successful breastfeeding for advice on how they made breastfeeding with large breasts work for them.

They gave practical and actionable tips that may totally change the game for you.

Here’s what they said…

“You have to be comfortable 100%. I use a big pillow and a small, rolled-up burp cloth under the boob.”  

-Laura U.

“An infant neck pillow works great for cleavage support while nursing.” 

-Barbara J.

“Lay on your back with your baby on top of you with a pillow under your arm for support.” 

-Hannah S.

“I love THIS nursing pillow! It was a total game changer for us and we still use it at 6 months. Can’t imagine not having it and probably would’ve quit breastfeeding without it.”

-Julie G.

“A big fluffy blanket. You can maneuver it in anyway you need.”

-Kela G.

“Laying down on my side works best for us. When baby was small and could not stay on her side I would roll up a blanket and put behind her.”

-Kerstin T.

“Honestly, I wear one of my regular bras and lift my breast out of the top and tuck the cup under. It holds my breast up, so once he’s latched I can have one hand free.”

-Crystal A.

“Football hold works best for us!”

-Chelsee S.

“Football hold, pillow on your side to hold up baby and pillow behind your back for support. Add pillows as you need.”  

-Raini S.

“Side lay in the bed. I’m actually doing it right now!”

-Laura R.

“Roll up a baby blanket and put it under your breast to help support it. As for nursing position I really liked laying in bed on my side, no stress on mommy’s shoulders or neck. Or a normal cross cradle hold with a bed pillow under baby for support.”

-Lindsey K.

“Ultimately, don’t smoosh your baby with your boob. That’s the ultimate goal!  The next goal is finding a position that doesn’t make your arm burn from holding your boob up for so long. Best position for me and I’m a 34F…. laying down on my side in bed and letting the girls lay straight out and bringing baby to my boob. Works very well.”

-Jerrica P.

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