18 Useful Breastfeeding Products That Moms Swear By

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1. A Boppy pillow that supports your baby and keeps them from wiggling around.

“For the love of God, my Boppy pillow is the sweetest heaven-sent breastfeeding item, like, ever. It totally saved my arms from having to constantly cradle them, and my back, too, since I didn’t have to lean or sit awkwardly.”

Price: $39.99

2. Motherlove nipple cream that helps to keep sore, cracked nipples at bay.

“It’s the absolute best thing for soothing your tender, raw nipples when breastfeeding. Plus, it’s organic, non-GMO, and safe for baby to ingest. The company also practices sustainable farming and donates 10% of profits to charities that support moms in need. It’s a win for moms everywhere. And their nipples.” —Jessica Whitter Hanson, Facebook

Price: $10.95

3. The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump kit that is lightweight and easy to carry around.

“Medela Freestyle for pumping on-the-go. This is not the one I’d opt to use at home, but for travelling it’s light, portable and easy to use.” —Tessa Gould, BuzzFeed staff IRL

Price: $291.88

4. The Spectra double/single breast pump that is rechargeable and easy to use.

“It’s hospital-grade and way better than any of the Medela pumps for a fraction of the price. It’s not super portable though [weighing in at 3.3 lbs] so best for at-home use.” —Jenna Porcelli, BuzzFeed Staff IRL

Price: $159.90

5. The Medela nipple shield that helps with latching issues and can also help protect dry or sore nipples.

“Nipple shields are great! They really helped the baby latch for the first couple of months. Once he was strong enough I didn’t need them anymore!”

Price: $6.49

6. Medela lanolin that helps soothe sore nipples (just be careful because it can leave oil marks on clothing).

“I used Medela lanolin cream. It saved me during the first week or so- I got so sore, but my daughter wouldn’t nurse if I used a nipple shield! So I used it a lot, and it worked like a charm. So soothing.” —bethjennys

Price: $8.18

7. Lansinoh reuseable Therapearl pads that provide hot or cold therapy to help relieve engorgement or plugged ducts.

“It’s a heating/cooling pad that fits around your breast— cool to provide some pain relief and warm to help milk let down, especially during pumping. Plus it’s the closest thing you’ll get to a spa treatment for quite a while. Treat yo self.”

Price: $9.84

8. Rumina’s Classic Nursing Bra that allows for hands free pumping.

“There is nothing more annoying than having to remove your bra and put on a special one for pumping (ie., the strapless ones), especially if you’re back at work and rushing (always!). This one you can wear all day long! Plus it’s super comfy.” —Tessa Gould, BuzzFeed staff IRL

Price: $18

9. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding that can be read during pregnancy and referenced throughout the time you’re breastfeeding.

“It’s a great resource to have on hand that gives you advice by age/stage and also has a helpful troubleshooting section.” —Jenna Porcelli, BuzzFeed Staff IRL

Price: $16.99

10. Motherlove More Milk Plus supplement that could help struggling moms to keep their supply up.

“I needed a little extra help to keep my supply up. My lactation consultant recommended I take the supplement MotherLove More Milk Plus, and in combo with tons of water, it worked wonders.”

Price: $25.95 for 60 capsules

11. Milkies Milk-Saver that collects milk that would otherwise just leak from the breast not being used at the time.

“Milkies Milk Saver was a great investment. You place it on the opposite breast while you are nursing, and it catches any milk you would have leaked into a nursing pad. Especially in the beginning when you leak a lot, it allows you to save that milk for later use.”

Price: $26.99

12. The Bravado seamless nursing bra that is crazy convenient, comfortable, and also happens to come in a ton of colors!

“The Bravado seamless nursing bra is the best nursing bra EVER! It’s so comfortable—especially in the beginning when your sore and tired and changing cup sizes by the minute. Get two—you won’t want to wear anything else!”

Price: $30 to $49.99

13. The Medela hand pump which is perfect for the times you’re just too tired to deal with setting up the electric pump.

“Great for when baby nurses one side and you want to utilize that other breast because it’s going to let down anyway! I also felt like I was able to get more out sometimes, over my electric pump.” —Mariann Tabuchi, Facebook

Price: $29.99

14. The Kiinde Kozii bottle and breast milk warmer for moms who pump and freeze milk.

“So easy and does a great, safe job of warming or defrosting breastmilk. #momhack, I use Lansinoh milk storage bags not only for milk but, I also put my homemade frozen baby food cubes in them, and then can easily defrost them in the Kiinde.” —Jenna Porcelli, BuzzFeed Staff IRL

Price: $56

15. The Kiinde Breastmilk Storage Twist Starter Kit that eliminates the need to transfer any pumped milk from bag to bottle.

“I love the Kiinde Twist breastmilk storage system. You pump directly into the bags and the bags just pop into the bottles. The best part is you only ever have wash the nipples which is a big timesaver.”

The bag adaptors will fit with all major pump brands and the kit comes with an organizing unit, two bottles, three nipples with different flow rates plus a nipple case, a set of 20 pouches, and a nipple brush.

Price: $29.99

16. Pura stainless steel bottles that adapt as your child grows with interchangeable sippy cup or regular bottle tops.

“You don’t ever have to replace the bottle! You only need to replace the bottle nipple. They have a lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong with it, they will replace it easily, and they’re compatible with a variety of different bottle nipples. You can go through the same bottles with all of your children.” —Ebyan Cooraaf, Facebook

Price: The 11 oz bottle is $20.99 

17. Wagreeco reusable bamboo nipple pads that help prevent leakage and chafing.

“So many reusable ones are terrible— too small, leak, shrink in the wash, thick and bulky, not breathable. Wegreeco pads are amazing. The large size doesn’t show under clothes and prevents shifting. They are thin, soft bamboo against your skin, microfiber inside and the back is a breathable PUL. No leaks, they absorb so much. I loved them so much I ordered several pairs, I even ditched disposable ones all together. So comfortable you forget you’re wearing them!” —Amber Hamilton, Facebook

Price: $10.99 for a pack of eight.

Check out Bamboobies too- they’re a little pricy but come very highly recommended!

18. The Milkies Freeze storage system that helps organize your supply.

“It has a metal tray on top to freeze the bag flat, then you simply drop the frozen bag into the container. You pull out the bag from the bottom, that way you are always using the oldest milk first so none is wasted. It’s genius!” —Katie Torrington, Facebook

Price: $19.95

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