6 Early Warning Signs Of Anal Cancer Everyone Is Too Embarrassed To Talk About!

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#1. Rectal bleeding


#2. Lumps in the anal canal 

– new lump, developed anywhere on the body, is commonly a thing to be aware about. New mass, found in the anal area, may be caused not only by hemorrhoids, but also by cancer.

#3. Feeling incomplete evacuation 

Constipation. Vector diagram represent the human large intestine with fecal matter and bowel gas bubbles. illustration for biological, science, and medical use.

– sometimes rectal lump grows large enough to block stool passage, causing constipation and sense of fullness even after having bowel movements.

#4. Anal itching

 – it may be extremely embarrassing, when you feel unbearable urge to scratch the bottom. But what if it’s a sign of cancer?

#5. Passing narrow stool

 – when cancerous mass obstructs anal canal, stool may go out in pencil-thin elements.

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#6. Bloating

 – that’s right, abdominal bloating may be caused by numerous reasons. In anal cancer, rectal blockage and incomplete evacuation usually result in belly pain, cramping and fullness.

Tests for Anal Cancer

Some people at high risk for anal cancer are diagnosed by screening tests, such as the digital rectal exam and/or anal Pap test (described in Can Anal Cancer Be Found Early?). Sometimes a doctor will find anal cancer during a routine physical exam or during a minor procedure, such as removing hemorrhoids. Treating cancers found this way is often very effective because the tumors are found early in the course of the disease. (This means they’re small and haven’t spread.) But most often anal cancers are found because of signs or symptoms a person is having.

If anal cancer is suspected, exams and tests will be needed to confirm the diagnosis. If cancer is found, more tests will be done to help determine the extent (stage) of cancer.

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